Messy Church

Come and join us for Messy Church, our Monthly Family Worship

 We meet on the first Saturday of the month between 4.00 pm and 6.00 pm and we enjoy a Family Meal together at 5.15 pm.

Our next Messy Church is Saturday 7th October.

This month's theme is, “Refugees in the Bible ……. and Today”. “ What do we do if we are going on a journey? Or what do we notice grown-ups doing for us so that we are prepared to travel?”
-        Packing a bag: what will we need to take? What might we not need, but want to take with us?
-        Planning the journey. Will we go by car, bus, train or aeroplane, where will we stay? When will we come home?
Imagine if the journey wasn’t a holiday or a day out? Imagine if you had to leave your home, town and even country because it was not safe for you to stay, you have to leave suddenly with no time to pack …….

All ages are welcome and children should be accompanied by a responsible adult. We look forward to welcoming friends old and new.



Here are some pictures from April Messy Church

For more information contact Lynne Bennett 01294 552535

Food  Bank

Every month Messy Church has a collection for North Ayrshire Foodbank. We have opened this up to members of our congregation wishing to contribute on the Sunday after Saturday Messy Church. Anyone wishing to bring food along can do so by placing “non perishable” items of food in a box in the foyer. Food collected will be taken to the Foodbank in Ardrossan’s Church of the Nazarene, once a month for distribution throughout the community. 

Poverty on our doorstep
There is a need among families where money is so scarce that they are now relying on charity
 food parcels to feed their children; something that is not only difficult to accept in 21st century Britain, but a disgrace in modern society. Food is not a luxury  -  it’s a basic human right.